hello fam

hope you are doing great for me not so much , I am in a period where am unmotivated and theing arent going my way so am stressed out

is it me only that always otherthinks these introduction or it happens to everyone.are using sunscreen ? if yes what brand is your favourite ?

I had this belief that dark skinned people do not need suncreen weuh how wrong was i . Every human needs sunscreen regardless of what shade you are. suncreens protect the skin from harmful rays from the sun which causes the skin to become dull and get wrinkles early

Around last year heard alot people preaching about the importance of sunscreen but i never could find one which was within my budget until my cousin purchased this wokali sunscreen at affordable price ,I tried it once then i was hooked made my purchase immediately

what i love about the sunscreen is that its super mosturing and does not leave white residue when applied to a darkskin person. It has spf 90 , it provides spf and ubv protection and the price is only 10000 tanzanian shillings.its been a month since i started using this sunscreen and my skin is glowing so much that i can be confused with that rich auntie

i bought from @sachquescosmetics on instagram

yours truly mumu

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