hello dears

how are you doing amidst this coronavirus chaos? are you taking the necessary precautions and staying safe. Today i want do a personal post where i will be sharing random facts about me.

1. I am a 24 year old tanzanian

2. I am mechanical engineer graduate

3. I love cooking , its like therapy to me

4. I am scared of letting people in because i hate being dissapointed( i always have high expectation of people close to me , its a toxic trait that i plan of getting rid of)

5. I hate being forced to do something ( advice me and let me make my own damn mind) .If someone forces me to do something I always end up doing the opposite.

6. I am sucker for chinese historical drama. watched alot as long as they are not boring

7. I love reading . I read all kind of genre and articles as long as they are interesting.

8.I love love , i believe in happy ending and all the romance shit

9. I can sometimes appear shy or snobbish to strangers but if we click best believe me i wont shut up

10. I love arts and crafts ( i make paintings and draw sometimes)

That all for today hope you enjoyed my random awesomeness until next tym

connect with me on social medias: wilkeyromy

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