Hello. Welcome to my guide on starting your skincare routine.I am not a skin expert just a girl who is obsessed with glowing skin and sharing my experience in

Before starting your skincare the first thing you should know is your skin type so as to determine what products you should use.

Then you need to know what skin problems you want to treats, it can be acne ,darkspot ,blemishes ,hypergimentation, white or black heads so you choose your products accordingly

Below are important steps you need to have in your skincare routine


Is the first step on a skincare routine .cleansing or washing your face removes dirt which may cause acne breakout or may make your skin to appear dull.the cleanser you use will be determined by the type of skin you have. Cleansing of the skin is done twice and daily during the morning and evening


The second step which removes the dead cell on the skin and some of the dirt which may have remained. It enhances the appearance of your by making it glow. There are two type of exfoliation chemical and mechanical.

Chemical exfoliation is recommended for someone with sensitive skin or severe acne while the mechanical can be recommend to anyone with dry skin or combination. you can do exfoliation once or twice a week unless its specified on product that you can use daily


Masking does help in the nourishing of the skin and helping in the treatment of whatever skin problem your facing and it can be done twice a week. Do mask on the days your doing exfoliation


Is done to remove dirt which might have remained after cleasing. It also helps balance the ph of the skin and its good in treating skin problems cause it concentrate deep into the skin that its important to know what your treating before selecting products . Applied in the morning and evening


Is the next step in your routine.mosturise your skin it doesn’t mater if your skin is oily please dont skip moisturizing ,there a special moisturiser for different types of skin. Don’t use body cream or lotion on the face, the skin on the face is a bit sensitive than that of body,use face cream instead. Its applied in morning and evening


Now this is the most important dont skip it. Sun ray cause the skin dull and causes early wrinkles on your face , if you want to have that amaizing youngish skin even when your old and gray and make ur sunscreen is atleast spf 30 and above.suncreen is applied only in morning routine

For you to see changes in your skin you need to be consistent with it daily even when you don’t feel like it

That all for today , feel free to drop any questions you have in the comments

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