Hello fam,

how are doing? I hope our doing great gor me alhamdulillah am fine and doing great.Today i wanna share with you how i styled my white boy for official wear


for the first look i went with a minimalistic style which brought a chic and elegant look.In this look i paired the boyfriend jeans with a white tee and a white blazer and the accessorized with a white turban, brown belt , sunglasses and a brown handbag

the whole look is thrifted except for the scarf and sunglass and the sum is only 15000 shillings


On the second look i went for colorful fit which i wore a yellow lime top paired with light blue blazer and black boots . with this look i acessorized with a dark blue floral turban and black sunglass

hope you enjoyed the post, share with me how you would have styled the jeans and your thoughts on the 2 looks

yours truly , swaumu r


hello fam

Today is celebrated as world hijab day by both muslim and non muslim so as to educate non muslims on the misconception about the hijab. Hijab means cover, today i would like to share what hijab means to me and my journey of wearing and the struggle i face

To me hijab means modesty , its an identity , its the way of life so hijab is not only a piece of cloth its more than that, it showcase my strength , my faithfot

I started wearing hijab when i was 12 yrs old since i joined an islamic school and it was mandatory and it was one of the thing i loved about the school. I was at the age where i loved learning and practing my religion and wearing hijab indefied me as a muslim to someone who knew nothing about me.

My struggles of my hijab came about when i was in university where majority of the people arround are not wearing the hijab and the beauty standard set by society does not include wearing the hijab.I thank god that i have taken of my hijab but the struggle is real

May Allah ease up our struggle those of wearing of our hijab and those who haven’t put it on , may he make it easy for you

for my hijab sister what does hijab mean to you and what struggle do you face with the hijabi?

yours truly, swaumu

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


hello! my name is Swaumu and I am a tanzanian based youth. I am hella rusty writer and so introvert but blogging is something i love and i’ve been wanting to do for a while.This blog will be about fashion and lifestyle. I hope discover more of myself in this journey , welcome to my journey and i hope you enjoy the ride

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